What Is All On Four Dental Implants

If you are looking for a solution to missing teeth, All-on-Four dental implants might be the best option. It replaces all of your upper or lower teeth with four dental implants and three crowns. The procedure is more expensive than other solutions like dentures or bridges but it lasts longer. If you want to learn more about this treatment, read on!

The purpose of this blog post is to inform readers about what an All-on-Four implant is and how it can benefit them if they are considering some type of tooth replacement surgery.

What Are Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth. They offer a permanent, secure way to replace lost teeth and restore your smile. Dental implants allow you to chew more easily and they also help maintain healthy jaw bone by preventing bone deterioration.

Implants are made of titanium screw-shaped posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone, which will act as the new anchor point for replacement teeth or dentures. This is an important investment in yourself so take your time when researching dental implant procedures!


Why Should I Get Dental Implants

You should get dental implants for a number of reasons. If you have one or more missing teeth, it can impact the appearance and health of your smile in several ways. It may affect how food falls into your mouth when you chew if there is not an opposing tooth to “capture” it. Also, maintaining good oral hygiene becomes much harder when there are gaps between each tooth.


How Do You Know If You Need A Dental Implant

You know that you need a new tooth when it hurts to chew certain things – this would include food like nuts, apples etc. However, not all symptoms will indicate pain while chewing so always visit your dentist if something feels off with any of your teeth.

Dental Implants require surgery which means there is going to be downtime involved where you cannot eat anything but soft foods for up to three weeks.


What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Dental Implant

  • Highest quality of life
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Can eat whatever they want with no restrictions (no more teeth brushing after every meal)
  • The implants look good, feel good, and function just like real teeth.

The only difference is that there are no roots to keep the implant in place – but this doesn’t mean they don’t work! Implants actually have a stronger hold than natural teeth because once you’ve had your implants placed into position by a qualified dentist, they bond directly onto the jawbone through an adhesive process. This means it’s even possible to chew on them without any discomfort or pain whatsoever! If you would like further information about dental implants please call us today.


Is It Painful To Have An Implant Put In Your Mouth

The implant is not painful. The only pain you might feel will be when the doctor injects a numbing agent in your mouth to make it easier for them to place the implants. Also, during this time, they may ask you to bite down on some gauze and cotton swabs so that they can see how you naturally bite and chew before doing surgery. This way there won’t be any problems with biting or chewing afterward because if it doesn’t fit well into your mouth then none of these things may happen as expected!



all on 4 implants are an excellent solution for people who want to get back their smile. They offer many benefits and can be a life-changing experience if you’ve been missing your natural teeth for some time now. This blog post has given you the information necessary to make this decision, so we hope that it helped! If you need more help deciding on what type of dental implant would work best for your situation or which clinic is right for you, please feel free to reach out and give us a call today!


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