Lots of Gain With No Pain: The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

It may appear new to you, however dental practitioners use lasers to provide minimally-invasive treatments for a variety of oral health problems from the mid-1900s. Laser technology for dental use has, naturally, seen significant advancements since then, resulting in an even greater improvements in the outcomes of treatment.


Today when you’re in the hands of a trained professional the latest technology in lasers provides top-quality treatment for everything from dental surgery, gums and repair. In many cases it’s a better option over traditional dental care.


What specifically is the laser dental procedure?

In many instances lasers can substitute or significantly decrease the need for drilling and scalpels that are used in dental procedures. Medical lasers, like those used by dentists, create an extremely concentrated beam of light which generates enough energy to modify or eliminate tissues.


In the field of dentistry, based on the type of treatment that is being done, we utilize soft and hard tissue lasers. Each laser has a distinct wavelength that can replace scalpels and drills for preparing the teeth to fill in or cuts within your gums. Additionally, we can utilize lasers for hard tissue to spot tooth decay at the earliest stage, which is when treatment is straightforward and is often the most efficient.


What are the advantages of laser dental treatment?

In addition to removing the necessity for scalpels and drills, lasers are extremely precise and effective. This means that procedures such as tooth preparation for fillings , or gum repairs are usually faster and less painful than traditional dental procedures.


Laser dentistry:


  • There’s a lower chance of needing sutures following surgery due to the fact that the laser seals your incisions
  • Anesthesia isn’t always required.
  • The risk of infection by bacteria is lower because the laser sterilizes the tissue

Laser dentistry also provides:


  • A higher level of surgical precision which will result in less tissue damage
  • Speedier healing and stimulating natural tissue renewal
  • A lower risk of bleeding than traditional surgical procedures due to the fact that the laser encourages blood clotting


What are the conditions you can treat using laser dentistry?

Lasers are often recommended instead of drills in order to prep teeth for crowns and fillings. Lasers can also be very efficient in treating:


  • Different stages of periodontal disease
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Gummy smiles occur when the gum tissue overly is over your teeth.
  • Lasers are also used for crown lengthening, which is a procedure that alters the shape of gum and bone tissue to enhance the crown’s placement or restoration.


If you’re experiencing difficulty fitting your bridges or dentures properly We can suggest laser dentistry to get rid of extra soft tissue folds in a short time and without the requirement for sutures.


Lasers can also speed the process of bleaching professional teeth whitening, which results in less time spent in the chair for you.


Lasers can’t replace traditional dentistry methods completely. Teeth that have fillings like fillings, for instance, aren’t suitable for laser dentistry. However, laser dentistry is the preferred option for a variety of treatments we provide in the Bhardwaj Dental Clinic.


We can be counted on for experience and knowledge of laser technology, as well as our commitment to provide the most effective treatment for your oral health. Book your appointment now to see one of our top dentists. You can also contact us to inquire for more information about dental lasers, and the ways they could help improve your smile as well as the experience you receive from your dental visit.


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