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Orthodontists use wire-based devices called teeth braces to straighten crowded and misaligned teeth and jaws. Many people who require dental braces do so during their teenage years, however, braces can also be beneficial to adults. The purpose of dental braces is to align your teeth and jaws so that you have a balanced bite and a beautiful smile.

A series of customized, removable devices are known as clear aligners or “invisible braces” is an option for small modifications. For some adults, these may have a more appealing appearance. If you’re debating between clear aligners and fixed braces, find out how much they cost and what the advantages and disadvantages are for your specific needs. To effectively treat their oral problems, many people require set braces. For teeth braces in Indore visit our clinic or book an online appointment.

Braces are used to successfully treat most of the orthodontic problems. For decades braces have been used by orthodontists as a form of treatment. But today’s modern braces are of various types —stainless steel,tooth-colored ceramic, and even gold colored.


While there are options that are more unnoticeable like tooth-colored brackets, braces that go behind the teeth, some other elements remain visible like rubber bands, wires, or gold-colored bracket. The color of the rubber band can be however selected accordingly.


Braces have to remain affixed to the teeth throughout the treatment course for a stable and functional result. There are very rare chances of losing them unless one eats very hard and sticky food.


The discomfort faced at the initial stages of placing or adjusting the braces is short-lived and easy to manage. Mouth tissues can temporarily be irritated due to wires and brackets. But once the patient gets accustomed to the braces they are unaware of them altogether.


To avoid inflamed gums or attack of bacteria on tooth enamel patients will need to keep teeth gums and braces free of plaque and food debris. Frequent brushing and flossing can be used to avoid food debris and plaque.


Foods that are hard, crunchy, sticky, and chewy must be avoided by those with braces to avoid breaking a bracket or popping a wire out of it. Like carbonated drinks, flavored water, or sports drinks contain acids and sugar and are bad for tooth enamel, should be avoided by patients. Instead, they should opt for plain water.


Why use teeth braces?

Dental braces are used to treat the following issues:

  • The upper front teeth bite behind the lower front teeth (underbite)
  • Other issues that create an uneven bite include jaw misalignment.
  • Teeth that are crowded or crooked
  • Too much space exists between your teeth.
  • Too much overlap between the upper and lower front teeth, either vertically (overbite) or horizontally (gum disease) (overjet)

How to reduce your risk of damage to teeth braces and teeths

  • Limit your intake of sugary and starchy meals and beverages, as they contribute significantly to plaque production and tooth disease.
  • To keep your teeth and gums healthy, visit your dentist for checkups and cleanings as often as your dentist suggests.
  • Avoid hard or crunchy foods such as ice, raw carrots, hard candies, popcorn, and nuts. They can break parts of your braces.
  • Sticky foods, such as chewing gum, chewy candies, caramel, and taffy, should be avoided. They have the ability to remove brackets, bands, and wires..
  • Using a floss threader, floss between braces and underwires. A little flexible toothbrush may also be recommended by your orthodontist for cleaning between braces and wires

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are plastic dummies of the teeth. Clear aligners put gentle pressure on the teeth slightly repositioning them. Among various technological advancements, aligners have made the treatment less conspicuous and one of the many appliances orthodontists use to move teeth and align the jaw.


Aligners allow an individual to unobtrusively achieve a straight smile as they are thin, plastic-like Trays, making them virtually invisible. To help guide the teeth into place, tooth-colored attachments are frequently placed on the teeth.


Aligners are easily removable and that is what is appreciated by the patients. They can be taken out to eat, to brush and floss, or on social occasions. The key responsibility is to wear them as prescribed. It means that a minimum of 22 hours a day and in the correct sequence. The chances of losing or damaging the aligners are higher as they are easily removable. They fall out of pockets and purses or may even be wrapped in a napkin and thrown away.


While there may be some initial discomfort when a patient switches to a new set of aligners, the discomfort can be easily managed. Removing aligners because they are uncomfortable defeats their purpose. Aligners can’t work unless they are in the mouth.


carbonated drinks, flavored water, or sports drinks that contain acids and sugar are bad, so should be avoided by patients. Instead, they should opt for plain water. Liquids seep into aligners it can rapidly lead to staining of the teeth and extensive decay. Teeth should be spotless while placing the aligners. While doing the orthodontic treatment the skill matters more than the type of appliances used. One can rely on the skills of the orthodontists of Bhardwaj clinic, who have the education, experience, and expertise to evaluate the diagnostic findings and decide on a treatment plan that will help people to achieve a beautiful smile.


Teeth braces cost in Indore

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Frequently Asked Questions

some people think that braces are very painful, but there’s actually not much pain or discomfort after you get used to wearing them. You may feel some discomfort right after the orthodontist puts the braces on and when your wires are tightened, but there are ways to get braces pain relief.

On average, it takes about 24 months to complete an orthodontic treatment. Some patients require less than 12 months, but there are also patients requiring up to 3 years of treatment before their teeth reach the desired position

you should avoid these foods
Crunchy foods — popcorn, chips, ice.
Sticky foods — caramel candies, chewing gum.
Hard foods — nuts, hard candies.
Foods that require biting into — corn on the cob, apples, carrots.

Dentists can use professional-grade bleaching agents like carbamide peroxide to penetrate the enamel and thoroughly whiten your smile.