A dental bridge is used to fill the gap between existing teeth to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. In recent years, dental bridges have come up in a significant way of providing more stable, lasting, and natural-looking results that nurture normal function as well as good quality of life.

Bhardwaj Dental Clinic, Indore, places high-quality ceramic bridges that can be supported and permanently secured with dental implants. The most natural-looking replacement for missing teeth can be a fixed dental bridge supported by dental implants. With the use of quality materials, advanced digital diagnostics, and the latest techniques for designing and placing, a custom dental bridge restores aesthetics and function to a Person’s smile with lasting results.

Advantages of an implant-supported bridge

Compared to traditional bridgework, today’s implant-supported dental bridges have a 35% Success rate. Also, it eliminates the need to degrade the adjacent teeth. Besides, dental implants promote continued bone growth, preventing shrinkage of bone as well as gum recession, a standard feature with traditional bridges and dentures. Also, there is no diet restriction with this type of bridge. Dental implants allow a person to eat a well-balanced healthy diet. The possibility of falling out and Slurred speech were very common as traditional dental bridges had the likelihood to slip around in the mouth, a significant cause of embarrassment in social situations. On the other hand, implant-supported bridges are durable, and stable, with fewer chances of budging in a person’s mouth. A person need not waste time on daily maintenance too. A person needs to brush and floss as usual simply.

The expectation of dental bridges

The process of dental bridge consists of many steps starting with treatment planning and Diagnostics to evaluate the overall health and specific need of the patients. All the available treatment options are then explained to the concerned person so that an apt decision can be made for long-term dental health. The dental bridge can be placed with two existing teeth or can also be secured with dental implants. If a person wants to secure a bridge using dental implants then a treatment plan for placing the implants will be done with the fabrication and placement of the bridge. The process involves surgical implantation of the implant post and the placement of a temporary bridge. The healing period for this process is 3 to 6 months. After that, the permanent placement of the dental bridge is done.

Bhardwaj Dental clinic offers sedation dentistry, with the option of IV sedation, to ensure that a person feels completely comfortable and relaxed during all steps of the procedure.

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Do dental bridges require special care?

Yes, a person is required to maintain healthy oral hygiene and take extra care for the Bridges. Flossing, cleaning, and using mouthwash are needed. This way bridges can last up to 15 long years.

Are dental bridges susceptible to damage?

Yes, although the dental procedure is durable and sturdy, it is not unbreakable. It can be damaged. As one damages one’s teeth. Many reasons are there for the same as fractures, cracks, and even cavities on the abutment teeth can cause the bridge to fall.

Will my insurance cover a dental bridge?

It depends on a person’s insurance plan. So it is necessary to contact the insurance provider directly.