Digital Smile Design

Bhardwaj dental clinic at Indore offers patients a chance to improve the appearance of their smile with advanced technology that takes into consideration all aspects of facial aesthetics.
Digital Imaging:  Analysis and Planning
The Digital Smile Design uses digital images and videography of a person’s smile in motion for the makeover of the smile one wants. Digital images with the help of CAD/CAM technology ensures more predictable and accurate results. So to say the effective use of digital technology makes it sure for the orthodontists to get it right for the first time only to provide beautiful and lasting treatment.

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The mockup is the next phase of treatment that provides a 3-D visual representation of the new Smile of the patient and the opportunity to try on the new look. The mockup helps both the patient and the doctor to experiment with the fit, function, and aesthetic before the final placement.

Mockups also give scope for making any adjustments that will improve the result and can be included in the final restoration process.

Bhardwaj Dental Clinic is a well recognised dental clinic in Indore which provides digital dentistry. We understand that every smile is unique and thus listen to the concerns and expectations of the patients and create a customized Digital Smile Design.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a technology used to plan a patient’s smile digitally. It is the most recent and modern approach that analyzes the patient’s dental and facial structure through digital technology. It gives the analysis of the corrections that can be done to get the smile a patient wants. This means you will be able to get the aesthetic visualization of the problem in your dental and facial structure and how it will look after the treatment.

Digital Smile Design Cost in Indore

The cost of Digital Smile Design varies upon many factors like how severe the condition is, treatments required for this procedure, and materials used. To get the Digital Smile Design in Indore, visit Bhardwaj Dental Clinic and their doctors will guide you for all the procedures and costs required for getting the digital smile.

How does Digital Smile Dentistry work?

  • The first step begins with taking the digital images with CAD/CAM technology that ensures more predictable and accurate results. This helps in understanding the dental structure.
  • Second step includes mapping out the new smile based on what the patient wants and making a digital smile.
  • In the third step, a virtual 3D printed design is created which shows the final results and how the patient will look after the treatment. The patient and the doctor together decide the scope of the treatment like veneers, teeth whitening, dental crowns etc.

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