BDC is equipped with state of the art equipment and treatment facilities inclusive of Dental operating microscope, LASER’s, digital X-ray technology, electronic apex locators, rotary and reciprocating endodontic motors, instrument and Post retrieval systems and microsurgical instruments, and Invisible Orthodontics. The pleasant and hygienic clinical atmosphere with utmost importance given to sterilization because you are our responsibility.
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Oral Scanner

A digital oral scanner is a device that can capture digital images of the oral cavity to create accurate, 3D representations of teeth and gums.


Dental Operating Microscope

Enhance precision and accuracy with our state-of-the-art dental operating microscope, providing unparalleled visual clarity for precise dental procedures.



Dental Lasers

Experience advanced and minimally invasive dental treatments with the power of dental lasers. Achieve faster healing, reduced discomfort, and enhanced precision for optimal oral health.


Digital X-Ray

Our cutting-edge digital X-ray technology delivers high-resolution images instantly, ensuring accurate diagnoses while minimizing radiation exposure for a safer and more efficient dental experience.


Electronic Apex Locator

Accurately determine root canal length with our electronic apex locator, ensuring precise measurements and improved success rates for endodontic procedures. Experience advanced technology for optimal patient care.


High End Autoclaves and Sterilization

Ensure impeccable sterilization with our high-end autoclaves, utilizing advanced technology to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and contaminants. Trust in our commitment to patient safety and infection control.