Teeth Whitening Treatment

What is teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that involves eliminating stains from the surface of the teeth and restoring their natural color. A dentist does teeth whitening as a one-time operation. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. We now offer sophisticated whitening treatment techniques that provide reliable and long-lasting results because of advancements in dental technology.

Get it done by a skilled dental expert if you want better outcomes. Teeth whitening is one of the most requested options today and also one of the most popular smile makeovers treatment to provide a quick and economical boost to a person’s confidence.

At Bhardwaj Clinic, professional-quality teeth whitening offers safe, dramatic results. With the professional product, teeth can be brightened up to 6 shades whiter erasing years of stains due to lifestyle habits, aging teeth, trauma, or medications. Bhardwaj Clinic has the training and expertise to provide personalized dental care that enhances the health of a natural smile.

teeth whitening treatment

The expectation from Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a simple, painless process and can be completed in about an hour at the clinic or within 2 weeks at home. Teeth can be brightened up to 6 shades lighter using professional products.

In-Clinic Teeth Whitening

In-Clinic treatment takes about one hour and during the session, most patients relax, read or Enjoy entertainment as their smiles is being transformed. By applying professional bleach through laser technology that penetrates the enamel of the tooth for a deeper treatment to give lasting and beautiful results that can last for a year or more with good oral hygiene. Avoidance of common lifestyle habits that stain and darken the teeth like smoking, tobacco use, dark foods, and dark beverages are a must.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

This requires a brief office visit for a dental impression to be done. These are necessary for the fabrication of custom-fit bleaching trays. The patients get a set of custom-made trays and the bleaching gel to be applied before placing them securely over the teeth every day. For about 2 weeks the trays will be used daily for a particular amount of time and the results will be clearly visible slowly. Good oral hygiene and routine dental care are helpful in maintaining both types of teeth whitening. Periodic touch-ups are needed to elevate the longevity of a fresh white smile.

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    Why would I need teeth whitening service?

    There are a variety of reasons why you would want to whiten your teeth. Everyone is unique, and our teeth are no exception. Just as our hair and skin colors differ, so do our teeth. Few people have pearly white teeth, and as we become older, our teeth might get increasingly discolored.

    Food and drinks including tea, coffee, red wine, and blackcurrant may stain the surface of your teeth. Smoking may discolor teeth as well.

    The color of your teeth might also be affected by ‘calculus’ or tartar. Some people may have discoloration beneath the surface of their teeth, which can be caused by antibiotics or small fractures in the teeth that absorb stains.

    The following are the reasons for discoloration:

    • Tea, coffee, wine, and cola are all beverages that can be consumed. frequently
    • Tobacco chewing and cigarette smoking
    • Fluoride consumption is high during childhood.
    • Accidental or trauma-induced damage to growing permanent teeth
    • Teeth discoloration can also be caused by aging, when the enamel thins with age, exposing the dentin beneath. Dentin can discolor your teeth as you get older because it comes into touch with certain foods and beverages.
    • Teeth discoloration can also be caused by certain medical procedures.

    How does teeth whitening treatment work?

    Your dentist will take a picture of your teeth to track the progress of your treatment. This is also used to inspect your teeth and determine the presence of stains.

    The dentist will begin by cleaning the tooth after evaluating it. He will remove the film that has formed on your enamel as a result of the food you eat or other things. After that, the whitening procedure begins. Depending on the severity of the stains on the teeth, the complete procedure takes between 30-90 minutes.

    Your dentist will first cover your gums before applying the whitening agent to your teeth. Some whitening solutions need the use of laser lamps, and if your teeth are severely discolored, your dentist may recommend that you continue the whitening procedure at home for a few days.

    You can also choose to have your teeth whitened at home, in which case your dentist will take an imprint of your teeth and create a custom mouthpiece for you. This ensures that the whitening agent stays on your teeth.

    Over-the-counter whitening treatments are also available, but they are only suited for teeth that are not badly discolored.

    Teeth whitening cost

    Are you looking for “teeth whitening cost”? Teeth whitening treatment involves multiple procedures hence cost varies from case to case. But we assure you that we provide the best teeth whitening service in Indore. At Bhardwaj Dental Clinic, teeth whitening treatment is completely safe. Bhardwaj dental clinic provides reasonable and worthy teeth whitening costs in Indore. To know more you can call us or book an appointment: https://bhardwajdentalclinic.com/appointment/

    How we are the best teeth whitening dentist in Indore

    Looking for the best teeth whitening services in Indore?  You come to the right place for a teeth whitening service. Bhardwaj Dental Clinic is one of the best clinics for teeth whitening services in Indore, having highly qualified teeth whitening dentists and a friendly environment. We are equipped with the latest technology and modern dental solutions for your treatment. We also offer invisible braces and laser gum surgery.

    Discover Radiant Smiles with Professional Teeth Whitening at Bhardwaj Dental Clinic. Our expert team specializes in teeth whitening at the dentist, offering you a dazzling smile transformation. If you’re searching for effective teeth whitening dentist services, look no further. We understand that dental sensitivity is a concern for many, which is why we excel in providing the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. Experience the confidence-boosting benefits of our advanced cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, tailored to your unique needs. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a brighter, more radiant you. Schedule your appointment today at Bhardwaj Dental Clinic for a smile that lights up the room.


    01. How do Dentist Whiten Yellow Teeth ?
    Dentists can use professional-grade bleaching agents like carbamide peroxide to penetrate the enamel and thoroughly whiten your smile.
    02. Can the Dentist Whiten My Teeth ?
    Yes dentist can whiten your teeth, with professional teeth whitening treatment.
    03.How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Whitened ?
    it’s a good take appointment to your dentist for teeth whitening services roughly once per quarter, or once every three months
    04. Can One Brush Their Teeth After The Whitening Process ?
    yes, It’s safe to brush and floss your teeth after using whitening your teeth. It won’t reduce the whitening effects of the treatment.
    05. Is Teeth Whitening Permanent ?
    The effect of each treatment differs from few months to up to three years. However, some people who consume a lot of tea, coffee, and tobacco, or smoke will not be able to see the results for a longer time.
    06. Can dental restoration like veneers and crowns be whitened ?
    Dental restoration can not be whitened using traditional teeth whitening techniques. But most modern dental restoration technique uses highly stain-resistant materials that don’t stain easily. Mouthwash and fluoride-based toothpaste can help fight back stains from piling up on teeth and restoration.
    07. Will the Teeth become sensitive to hot and cold food after the procedure ?
    The procedure can make teeth temporarily sensitive removing the surface stains. But it is quite normal which goes away after some days. The sensitivity is experienced as fresh tooth enamel is exposed. So it is better to avoid hot and cold food for some days.
    08. Is teeth whitening treatment permanent ?
    No., whether done at the dentist or not whitening treatments, are not permanent. Routine treatment is needed to keep the teeth shining white for a long time. Brushing, flossing, Using mouthwash and visiting the dentists on regular basis will make it sure that the treatment lasts longer and needs less follow up treatments.